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4Site CMS


The 4Site Website Management System

The 4Site Website Content Management System is the forth major release of our popular CMS system and is the result of over 6 years bespoke development.

Our CMS system will provide you with a low cost, easy to adopt, fully scalable solution to relieve the pressures of keeping up with the changing face of the web, and your companies ability to compete in a rapidly evolving marketplace where content is king.

We have built many bespoke websites with 4Site at the core, in many different industries including Local Authority's (Tamworth Council, Birmingham Council), Enforcement Agencies, Professional Surveillance, Car Showroom, Charity, both Residential and Commercial Property Sales/Letting Agencies.

The 4site CMS system can be adapted to fit any website layout and to suit all of your online needs. It's features can even be built into an existing website. And while it does have all the basic functionality of a simple CMS system, it also boasts a wide range of features and technologies not normally associated with CMS packages.


Features include:

Ability to Add/Edit/Delete pages

  • Edit pages using a familiar environment which resembles that of Microsoft Word. The page editor even includes typical rich-text editing functions (like alignment, colour, bold, and italicise), a source code view (for advanced HTML editing for freedom and full control) and a file manager for uploading & managing online files. It even includes a spell checker as standard.

Search Engine Optimisation Ready

  • The page manager is SEO ready, meaning all background meta-tags such as description and keywords (used by search engines) can be fully edited to suit your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) requirements. Giving your company a head start without any additional cost.

RSS News management system

  • Allowing you to set up multiple news feeds specific to each aspect of your business. News is delivered instantly to your news subscribers, acting as a virtual salesman for you company.

User Role Management

  • Assign roles to specific users such as page editing, user administration, news management and mailing list administration. Allowing your company to delegate content administration to the experts in your organisation. We will also add user management for any bespoke development your site requires.

Advanced Contact Form

  • By adding a list of email addresses and contact numbers, a contact page is generated for you automatically. The generated page features a contact form with options to send to any of the added addresses. Allowing your company to have department relevant contact forms. This method protects your addresses from unwanted spam sent using address harvesting software.

Fast, Easy Affiliate Link Management

  • Add and edit affiliate links quickly and efficiently with simple click-on, click-off actions. Allowing you to spread the online  presence of your Facebook/Twitter/Social Media and recommended links.

These are only a handful of the benefits that your company will receive by working with Sites4biz.

Cross Browser/Cross Platform Compatibility

Our system is tested regularly using a wide variety of browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape Navigator and Opera. The system is also used regularly on various browsers installed on Windows, Mac and Linux-based Ubuntu operating system.

The system has even been tested and works fine using the optional Opera web browser on the Nintendo Wii games console. While not a realistic option, it shows the wide range of compatibility achieved by our system.