We can improve your web site position in the search engines by optimising both on and off site SEO for terms related to your business or location. High positions on search engines will get profitable results for you internet venture.


Search Engine Optimisation

All to often companies invest vast sums of money in developing an Internet site, but find it has minimal effect on promoting their business. At best it might yield the occasional spurious enquiry. Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most effective ways to achieve a high ranking on sites such as Google.


Target Your Desired Audience

By optimising the content of your website for industry terms and location specific services we have the ability to target visitors who are specifically looking for your product/service. We specifically  prioritise Google.co.uk as it is by far the most popular search engine in the UK and the rest of the World (Attributed to 65% of all search engine traffic). Google has developed one of the most intense algorithms for analysing pages and serving visitors the exact results the require. Because of this fact, Google can help you reach more visitors, in more countries than most premier promotion agencies can ever dream to offer.

Killing The Rumours

When talking about Search Engine Optimisation, many companies will tell you things to close the deal. Many of the techniques used are developed from speculation, rumour and a little bit of educated guess work. The truth is, all Search Engines are different. They each have their own algorithms and rules for deciding what makes a relevant page.

There are no set rules or tricks that will beat all engines.

The most important part of optimisation is to keep the site you are optimising active and regularly updated. You can have your file names, content and code optimised for keywords, with all your meta-tags in the right places, but you will still get poor results with the search engines by neglecting the site. Our content management 4Site has been designed with Search Engine Optimisation in mind, and it's RSS News manager is an ideal way quickly add content without disturbing your main site.

Power By Education

Optimising your site can be a constant up-hill battle, especially when you are involved in a highly populated market. It is for this reason that we will also educate you in every aspect of optimisation. Achieving a first page position can require a high level dedication, and great knowledge of your industry.

We will also educate ourselves as to the nature of your business and investigate the best choice of 'Key Terms' for which to optimise your site, based on current search trends and detailed statistics from the major search engines including Google, BING, Altavista and Ask.com (a.k.a. Ask Jeeves).

Reach A Global Marketplace With 4Site

Our 4Site content management system has been designed with Search Engine Optimisation in mind, and is full S.E.O. enabled, making Sites4Biz the perfect solution for business' taking their first steps towards an international marketplace.