We provide hosting solutions on a variety of levels and platforms. From simple shared-space file hosting to fully customised dedicated servers. We are guaranteed to offer a solution for you.


Hosting and Other Services

If you do not find the service you require listed on our website, please do not hesitate to place an enquiry. Our wide spectrum of varied abilities means we can quickly learn aspects of other web technologies and languages to meet your needs.

Standard level services include:

Domain Name Registration

Register any of the available TLD extensions including '.co.uk', '.com', '.net', '.org'. We can also register all the newly available TLDs including '.mobi', '.biz', '.me.uk' and '.eu'. We can also set-up sub-domains (subdomain.yoursite.com) for a reduced fee.


Windows 2003 Hosting

windows web hosting Tamworth Midlands The most popular choice for business web hosting due to it's native implementation of ASP, PHP and Perl CGI scripting. Custom FTP accounts can be configured for both root domain access and folder-specific access. Our servers all allow unlimited website traffic, meaning there are no caps or extra fees. Sites resource usage is monitored to allow sites to perform at their best. If over your website is reported to require more resources or bandwidth than is assigned by default, it's processing priority will automatically be increased to assure there is no effect on performance.

Red Hat Linux Hosting (Apache)

Linux web hosting Tamworth Midlands Apache is the main choice for high-end profession online services. Allows for PHP5 and Perl CGI scripting (written in Python), SSH secure shell access and super-fast MySQL database connection.

Inclusive Optional E-Mail Hosting

All our hosting packages come with 5 optional E-Mail addresses, free of charge. They can be added at any time and need not be configured during initial set up.

Load Balancing

For high usage sites requiring the best quality service, sites can also be 'Load Balanced'. These sites are hosted on multiple servers, and the bandwidth and processor usage is distributed evenly among the servers, meaning your site will always perform at it's best, even under extremely heavy usage.